The morbid charm of a ruin that slowly comes to life. Between Teterow and Güstrow in the Mecklenburgische Schweiz.

Vogelsang lies in a beautiful, hilly landscape shaped by the Ice Age on the border of the nature park “Mecklenburger Schweiz”. Vogelsang is first mentioned in writing in 1379, until 1734 it was owned by the Wozenitz family. The von Plessen family built the village of Vogelsang and managed the fief until 1838. In the 19th century the owners changed frequently. The Manecke family built the present manor house in Tudor style, including the park, in the English landscape style in the years up to 1840, i.e. during the German Romantic period. In 1884 it was changed into a tax-free estate and sold to the Hamburg merchant Julius Hüniken.
The Hüniken family erected additional buildings such as the teahouse, the stables with water tower, a coachman’s house and an inspector’s house, which are still preserved as a closed ensemble, along with a few smaller stable buildings and a beautiful apple orchard.

This place has the charm of a lost place, but is very alive at the same time.

Since 2010 Dr. Robert Uhde from Rostock is the new owner and passionate “landlord”. Through his agency work, very experienced in conceiving and carrying out beautiful events and cultural events, he wants to gradually create a location “out of time” in the Vogelsang Manor House including park and estate, where people from near and far can escape from everyday life for a certain time. Already during the still ongoing restoration work in the ruin, smaller and larger cultural events were and are regularly held. As the founder and organiser of the Long Night of Nordic Manor Houses (, which traditionally takes place around 20th June, Dr. Uhde has for years been committed to the preservation of the cultural treasure of “manor houses and castles” in the country. An enchanted festival of cabaret is held at the end of May under the title ” Romantic Heart’n Festival”. Inspired by the steampunk movement, the festival invites you to take a journey back in time to the era of longing and passion of the 20th century. At the end of June the “Gartenlaube”, a garden and handicraft fair with a supporting programme, will take place. Culinary delights complemented by a baroque feast and concert are offered at the end of October in cooperation with the “Baroque Table Meal”. The house and park are not open to the public, but can be visited by appointment. The charming property is also used for weddings, events and as a film set.

Photos: Vogelsang Manor, ©DOMUSimages