Parks and gardens

The flood of the ducal castles and manor houses also resulted in an equally large number of manor parks and palace gardens. The skilful integration of the landscape, especially by garden architects such as Peter Josef Lenné, resulted in parks and gardens of astonishing size and variety. A dream for garden lovers. A large number of them have been restored. However, the overgrown estate parks, often only recognisable by their giant trees and exotic solitary trees, are also worth a journey of discovery through the country. The park of Kaarz Castle near Schwerin was created in 1873 according to the plans of C. Ansorge on 70,000 m². In addition to some 500 year old oaks, exotic sequoias, Douglas firs and cypresses can be found here. While walking, guests discover an idyllic pond and an ancient orchard. In the front part of the park is the Bülow’s Chapel, in the back the impressive mausoleum.

The Güstrow Palace Garden was laid out at the same time as the construction of the Renaissance palace by Duke Ulrich zu Mecklenburg as a large pleasure garden parterre with arcades, pleasure houses, water features and fragrant plants. The 200-hectare Lennépark in Basedow is considered one of the most important works of the German landscape architect.
None other than Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once took a stroll in the 180-hectare landscape park of Schlitz Castle. The extensive grounds with wide avenues, old and partly rare trees, hidden ponds, 36 monuments in the form of obelisks, grottos and columns and the many idyllic squares invite you to dream and discover. Particularly famous is the Nymph Fountain, which was originally designed by Walter Schott in 1903 for the Wertheim department store in Berlin and shows three life-size bronze girls dancing on the fountain. 

Bothmer Castle and Park are impressively embedded in the landscape of the Klützer Winkel. The estate is situated on a 7 ha island, surrounded by a closed moat according to the Dutch model. After several years of renovation it is now accessible as a museum.

You can find out more about the history and architecture of the manors and manor houses of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on the website

The garden route MV

The Garden Route brings together over 50 public and tourist gardens and parks throughout the cultural heritage area of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Discover known and unknown treasures and gather astonishingly diverse impressions: You will find the lavishly restored palace garden as well as the herb garden, the fragrant rose garden, as well as the lush farmer’s garden or artistic garden installations and impressive landscape parks around the rural estates.

Numerous gardens are part of the agricultural tradition of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or are laid out as spacious castle and estate parks. The gardens are not only beautiful to look at, they also reflect horticultural and historical traditions in an individual way. They often belong to the ensemble of historical manor houses and castles and can be experienced as unique cultural assets. In many places, garden tours are offered which clearly explain the design, natural and cultural heritage.

Round trip along the garden route with 4 or 6 overnight stays in the manor and castle hotels to be booked through our tour operator.




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Our cultural heritage – the manor estates and their villages

The many manor houses, castles and stately homes in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania still bear witness to their former splendour and size, but above all to the special economic structures in the history of the state.

More than 2,000 stately homes were located there, more than 1,000 of which are still preserved today. In the course of land reform and social restructuring, the once stately manor houses lost their function. Thus began a sad chapter for the castles and manor houses, most of which are now listed buildings. After the fall of the Wall, some of the old or new owners renovated and restored these architectural gems. Today, many of the castles and manor houses are filled with life again.

The baltic manors once again form a new centre of social life in some villages, thus counteracting migration and demographic change.

The manor villages with the manor ensembles and parks as a cultural asset of the region in the entire Baltic area are my personal concern and my passion. Therefore, my work in the association and for the baltic manors used for tourism is continued in the accompaniment of such projects in the form of mediation of these properties and in the consultation on utilization concepts.

I wish the manor and castle hotels always nice guests and the guests a fantastic stay in our region.

Many greetings, Manfred Achtenhagen – chairman –



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New concepts for old manor houses

The association for historic houses used for tourism in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has been in existence for around 20 years and combines the owners’ experience in the restoration and use of privately owned castles and manor houses. The range of offers extends from guesthouses with holiday flats to 5-star houses. What they all have in common is their rural location, far away from the usual streams of tourists, and the special conditions in a historical building. Meanwhile the association counts 30 members and some supporting members. Our aim is to combine the forces and finances for marketing, public relations and lobby work.

The advantages of membership:

  • a strong community
  • a group full of people with experience and the love for old houses
  • lobby work and press relations
  • marketing activities

A membership including marketing service is possible from 250,00 €, depending on the number of rooms.

Sponsoring membership – become a manor house saver!
Already from 150,- € per year! You can support the association and our activities for the preservation of the cultural assets of castles and manor houses by becoming a supporting member.

We are pleased about your interest.  Please contact chairman Manfred Achtenhagen: 03 99 31 – 8 40 11

or by e-mail



Romantikhotel Manor Ludorf

Directly at the Müritz in the national park. Historical village church, steamer landing stage, sport boat harbour, many water sports possibilities. Regional speciality restaurant. (more…)


Manor Lexow

A simple manor house, very tastefully renovated in the Mecklenburg Lake District with holiday apartments and bed & breakfast rooms with a café. (more…)


From castle to castle

Roundtrips to enjoy the cultural heritage of manor houses in the countryside

 Hotelzimmer Gutshaus Stolpe

Explore the land and people of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, from the lake Müritz to the river Peene, between Schwerin and Rostock, on the islands of Rügen or Usedom. You will discover castles and manor houses and their history up close. You travel from castle to castle by bike or on foot on a hike or in your own car – our travel agency partner with 20 years of experience will put together the most beautiful routes for you. As a regional tour operator, we have put together tours with different themes and individual routes in the most beautiful regions of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. You only have to decide. All tours are equipped with maps and route information. For the walking and cycling tours, the hotels provide luggage transfer. On the tours with 4-7 overnight stays you will get to know the original nature of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the country and its people and the cultural heritage of the manor villages very closely.

In the following you will find the trips 2020. You can also give away a trip from castle to castle or a stay in a castle as a gift voucher! Follow this link: Vouchers – Schwerin Plus Touristik: Travel from castle to castle


The right manor for your vacation

For your convenience we have clustered the manor hotels into different occasions. So you may browse in the category that meets your needs. Wether it is a family vacation or a family celebration like a wedding or a business event. If you like  a good culinary experience we are happy to recommend these places. You will find manor houses with beautiful nature around or the hotels with classy wellness offers or special offers for wellbeing and activity.

Our hotels in manors and mansions are located in charming villages around the entire state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. By lakes and guarded by avenues, between river Elbe and the river Peene, in the Müritz Lake District  or in Mecklenburg Switzerland. The historic houses with hotel rooms or holiday apartments can also be found in the countryside around Rostock, Wismar or Schwerin. Indulge into this very unique cultural heritage landscape of historic estates.

For personal assistance and consultation please get in touch with our competent partner and travel agency or +49 – 385 – 558020